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The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design, 3rd Place

The Margot and Harold Schiff Residences stand as a vivid example of the ability to meet the housing needs of low-income residents in a structure that combines beauty, efficiency and sustainability.

The striking five-story building soars above the intersection of Clybourn Avenue and Division Street. It illustrates brilliantly the benefits reaped from sustainable design accompanied by painstaking care in the composition and combination of manufactured components. The result is an inspiring environment for living in an unexpected location.

Airy apartments offer large windows with operable sashes that provide dramatic views of the Loop. Walls of glass allow natural light throughout the building, while the steel frame and roof allow for ease of maintenance and durability.

Energy savings are achieved through highly efficient mechanical systems augmented by a roof-mounted wind turbine and solar water heating. Graywater waste is reused while site maintenance water is collected from rainfall. The sleek design of the metallic exterior reflects sunlight away from the building to help hold down heating and cooling costs.

Inside, the first floor houses social services offices and community space for residents while upper floors provide private living space.