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The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design, 2nd Place

Millions of Chicago’s homeless have found food, shelter, clothing and medical and dental care at the Pacific Garden Mission since 1877. Now, after 84 years on South State Street, Pacific GardenMission has moved to South Canal Street in a district defined by “big box” retailers.

By adapting the architectural language of the area as well as the strict forms of “The Chicago Frame,” architect Stanley Tigerman produced a structure that is contextual, evocative, efficient and,most of all, uplifting to the spirit of the 1,000 men and women who come to Pacific Garden Mission.

A private courtyard anchors the building and provides natural light. Major circulation routes flank the courtyard and lead to all functional elements. Two 2,500-square-foot greenhouses on the south side of the building allow residents to grow fresh vegetables and learn employment skills.

The design includes space for the production of the radio drama "Unshackled!" which the mission has aired for 55 years, as well as spaces for food preparation,medical care, career counseling and training, classrooms, a computer lab, library and gymnasium.

Sustainable design elements such as dual-flush toilets, a green roof and solar-thermal panels ensure the building can be cost-effectively maintained.