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Outstanding Non-Profit Neighborhood Real Estate Project

Seven years ago in an attempt to better tailor services to need, the Salvation Army surveyed leaders of Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood to determine how best the organization could serve the community. As might be expected, the listing included alternative recreation for youth, child care, after-school programs, teen programs, employment and social services. What was not expected is the manner in which the needs were met – the creation of The Adele and Robert Stern Red Shield Center, a 60,000 square foot facility that now serves the youngest to the oldest members of the Englewood community.

Serving more than 300 families each day, the center provides play and education space for infants and pre-schoolers, organized sports and cultural activities for teens, recreation for seniors, a fully equipped gym and exercise room for use by all, and life skill and job counseling services.

An expansion of the Salvation Army’s existing Englewood Corps Community Center, The Adele and Robert Stern Red Shield Center is exemplary both in design and function. The many tall windows and glass walls provide natural light to the interior spaces while opening the building to the community. Moveable walls render the interior space flexible enough to meet changing and future community needs.

With the Salvation Army’s own investment of $13 million enhanced by a $3 million gift from Adele and Robert Stern and the donation of land from the City of Chicago, the Center represents a major investment by the Salvation Army in the Englewood neighborhood, which has spurred further private investment. A great example of the organization’s motto “doing the most good,” the Salvation Army’s Adele and Robert Stern Red Shield Center is the 2007 recipient of the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Outstanding Non-Profit Real Estate Project.