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Friend of the Neighborhoods: Ed Hinsberger, Department of Housing and Urban Development

Working with government is part of any development project, so it is a special joy to find within the bureaucratic maze that uniquely talented individual who acts as an advocate through the process, who goes above and beyond to keep a project on the track, and extends all his resources to get the job done right. As a twenty-five year veteran of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, an affordable housing proponent and expert administrator, Ed Hinsberger is such a gem.

Currently serving as Chicago Multifamily Hub Director, Hinsberger is charged with implementing all of the multifamily programs for both development and asset management in Illinois and Indiana. He is also working to maximize his group's efforts - navigating the circuitous path towards blending HUD programs with other resources, despite complicated, sometimes conflicting requirements.

Hinsberger could be no better positioned to get the job done, fortified by a long career at HUD that has exposed him to all areas of housing, including management roles in both single family housing and multifamily housing. And while the focus of the Department changes with each Administration, Hinsberger's mission has never wavered - it remains to promote the use of the HUD programs that assist with the development of affordable housing.

Hinsberger's passion for this work has been evident to the countless developers, owners and residents who have known him since his earliest days with the Department following his graduation from Southern Illinois University, up until today, as he serves the region as a veteran administrator.

Spending days and often nights at the work he loves, Hinsberger's greatest reward is helping developers, owners, neighborhood and tenant groups use HUD programs to their fullest and, as a result, make local neighborhoods better places to live.

For his tireless commitment to the cause of affordable housing and his expertise in the development process, for his inexhaustible energy and creativity to stretch limited resources even further, and for his constant support of the people working every day to strengthen our communities, Ed Hinsberger is the 2005 winner of the Friend of the Neighborhoods Award.